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June - Outfits by 3712
June - Outfits
The censored nude bases that are faded are for future outfits! 

The playboy one was a requested outfit! The rest are canon.
Super Late Valentines Adopts by 3712
Super Late Valentines Adopts
I actually had these done the day after valentines, but life happened <:3c ;;;; I wasted a huge chance! 
These are both offbase! 

Mardi Gras Demoness: 20usd
CNY Angel: 10usd (due to no naked ver.)
OS - June Chibi Sketches by 3712
OS - June Chibi Sketches
@ 3@ I might finish some of these later, but for now, I figured I'd post them so people can see how she looks with her hair down and her actual bodyshape.. (Yes the second chibi is the sketch for the app <:3c )
OS - Junette Cadense by 3712
OS - Junette Cadense

For :iconopenstart: !!

Junette Cadense

Alias: June

Gender: Female/genderfluid

Age: 21.

Species: Human

Height/Weight: 5'2"/190lbs -  157cm/86kg.

Job: Herbalist, potionmaker, minor tailor. (Witch, for short.)

Birthday: 19th of November

Sexual orientation: Pansexual


  • Optimist - 90% of the time believes that nothing will go wrong, has not learned from the past.

  • Cheerful - Almost always smiling and laughing.

  • Fighter - Enjoys the thrill of battle and will toss herself into a fight if she sees one.

  • Sore loser - Gets pouty if she doesn’t get her way.

  • Clumsy - Too eager at times and will accidentally shove things over.

  • Flirt - Has a very wide range of what she finds attractive and will flirt with most people.

  • Very outgoing - Can say things that might offend people without her realizing.

  • Hasty - Does things without planning and it often has consequences.

  • Boastful/Proud - Takes big pride in her ‘skills’.

  • Inconsiderate - Doesn’t think before she talks.

  • Hyper - Has way too much energy.

  • Touchy - Has no respect for personal space.


Junette came from a well-known pharmacist and farmer town, living there with her parents Dione the pharmacist and Wulfric the farmer, being prime examples of her town.  She grew out to be an overly outgoing child that'd grin and laugh at almost any situation. She was spoiled and well loved despite being inconsiderate at times, most people knew she meant well. June always dreamed of making her own life instead of living in the shadow of her parents accomplishments regardless though. After a mostly disasterless childhood and teenager years, June decides to do just that, make her own life. She travels off with plenty enough knowledge about herbs and potions to survive, dragging along tools and the alike to a place to settle down, travelling for a while until she decides on Prima as her new home. Slowly building up a clumsily buildt home there, with her own personal touches. Junette aims to set up a potion shop there to assist people, intending to keep the prices low and affordable for all. (How she's going to survive on that, she doesn't know, but she's going to try her best!) 

Additional Info: 

  • She likes cacti and succulents! She prefers useful plants over pretty ones.
  • She's sewn her own clothes! It was a hobby in the past, but now its highly useful.
  • Wants to get a pet one day. 
  • Her favorite drink is aloevera/cacti drinks! And she likes tea of many types. 
  • Her favorite food is pudding and candy.
  • She has a preference for stoic or rude people. She thinks its cool.
  • Her favorite color is gold! And decorates herself with it as much as she can.
  • Has an odd facination with the diamond shape. 
  • Is not sure where the mark on her forehead is from, calls it her birthmark.
  • Will give you smooches and compliments.
  • Has a villain laugh.
  • Gets crushes a LOT.
  • Her main magic element is earth and light. (growing vines, flower attacks, light flash, so on)
  • Is actually quite chubby, but is insecure about her weight and hides it with the corset. (She's really cute without it though ;a; )

Roleplay Methods/Availability: Skype, dAchats, twitter. (Notes make me uncomfortable, sorry!) Script only.


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