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Fashion adopt for 10usd! by 3712
Fashion adopt for 10usd!
Moonlight has been sold to ProfNemo @ FA
Starry Night 
has been sold to MiniMoo93 @ FA

I figured, I can't do proper lineart but I can do sketchy lines like this and I like to draw fashion (mostly gowns) as a relaxation thing when I'm stressed/sick even if it hurts even :u I am a derp. I get yelled at a lot for working when I shouldn't ahhahaha 

REGARDLESS, you can own these outfits for your ocs~ They're not super fancy, but they might fit your fancy! They're 10usd each for now w@ As quite some effort was put into them regardless to balance their designs! 

If anyone wants them, please tell me the name of the gown!
Oswin Seung-yeon Marino by 3712
Oswin Seung-yeon Marino
For :iconuneye: !

Full name: Oswin Seung-yeon Marino
Alias: Swine, Win, Os, he doesn't care what you call him so he's had a few.
Age: 24
Sex + gender: Male, agender.

Notable features: Tends to smile a lot, almost constant bedroom eyes.(even when trying to be serious and not flirting, his eyes are stuck that way.)

Height: 175cm / 5'7
Bodytype: Wide, natural buff (slight tummy, but only slight.)

Orientation: ???
Occupation: Waiter at a steakhouse.

"Carefree big potato"
Cheerful, Slow, Content, Long temper, Openminded, Ignorant, Brave, Honest, Social, Hard-worker, Enjoys the small things, Chill, Suspicious.

He's cheerful, usually content and slow, takes long to anger, but quick to protect others. He's openminded, but doesn't understand much.
He's brave and quick to act if necessary. Generally seems content even when he isn't, very good at putting on an act that he's doing better than he actually is.

His bodylanguage is generally confident. He is also quite honest, even if his questions can make him sound stupid.
He tries to find the interesting side of anything he talks about, he tries to appreciate other peoples opinions and what they say, even if he doesn't always
understand them.

Oswin is a social person, and will happily start a conversation with a stranger, though often only if he sees something odd or something that makes him worry. He tends to get quite attached if he actually finds someone he likes, but will otherwise be quite insulted if you openly call him a friend without him agreeing to it, unless a situation asks for it specifically.

Spends the majority of his time off work working out, this includes being at the gym, walking/jogging/running, dieting and so on. (His diet is pretty
strict, but involves a LOT of food. Its a struggle for him being able to afford that and his expensive habits otherwise.) And its through his workout schedule that he often meets new people or at work. Oswin is a hard worker and appreciates his job and what they do an increadible much, despite it just being a steakhouse. He tends to appreciate the small things in life even a bit too much sometimes. He likes other hard workers and is not entirely too fond of lazier people; he finds them a hassle.

Also just to mention, his tattoos have no specific meaning, he just wanted to get some. If you ask he's just gonna shrug and grin.

Oswin is generally despite his relaxed attitude not fond of the strict government, and especially not in regards to the secrecy about it. Eventhough he's
generally on the slow side, he knows very well something is wrong there. He's not one to speak up, but he doesn't like liars, so he'll be willing to assist
the protests if without much question if he can ensure he doesn't get caught, otherwise, he'll pretend he has no interest in rebelling. He is not vocal
about this and he still prefers to avoid trouble.

Coffee (Espresso preferably filling up a big cup, he likes the kick of it)
Exercise / training (Addiction)
Cooked veggies
Action movies
The beach
Big dogs
strong green tea

Sudden advances (sexually)
Waiting too long
Sleeping too much
Tiny dogs
Driving (Easily gets carsick, also counts for boats)
Fast-food burgers
When its too sunny
Self-obsessed / selfish people
Thieves (Only if its not your only option)

Good traits:
Knows english, Greek and korean, understands a very few spanish words. (VERY FEW.)
Strong, can lift about 400lbs/180kg
Eager to help
Good at cooking steaks specificially. (He eats a lot of them. His love for them is why he got his job)

Bad traits:
Not the smartest / Ignorant
Quite slow
Tends to seem like he's flirting constantly, eventhough he's not.
Doesn't speak up often, not good at getting attention despite being a larger guy. (also not good at expressing his feelings to larger groups)
Wastes money on fashion, so often poorer in periods.
Avoids people when depressed or stressed out.  
Horrible at math

He has an odd set of parents who got married, their families were both immigrants from different countries, Greece and Korea. His mother's family are from Busan,
South Korea and his father's family from Lamia, Central Greece. They have a few americans mixed in but the majority of the family originates from other countries.
Oswin considers himself mostly just american. He finds it difficult to communicate with all his family and tends to avoid them as much as he can, and does not
actually know that much about the countries' cultures outside of what he experienced in his own family. He grew up well, and he now lives on his own in a small appartment which is styled in a very modern simplistic style.

Allergic to shellfish and pineapples.
Shellfish: Not hyper allergic, but still dangerously so. He does not react to vapours from the cooking like some people do.
Pineapple: Milder reaction, itching where it touches and in stronger cases a rash.

(Btw I hate the new tagging system, wtf did I come back to??)
Chimo - Letting it sink in by 3712
Chimo - Letting it sink in
o-o I haven't posted anything here in ages, I wanted to post this as the return picture. 


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Profile picture by Lysandre on FA!
One of my dear sweet friend is having some issues and could really use your guys help right now! 
Please go check out her commissions as she's an amazing artist and I promise you she'll manage pretty much whatever as she is just THAT good! (Don't let that make you feel pressured btw Aimee :u You really ARE that good without trying)
Please PLEASE check her out! She really deserves the attention and help! 

Check out her journal here! 

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