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Chimo's demon anatomy by 3712
Chimo's demon anatomy
o3o Self explanatory. 

Yellow line signifies where the tail can pop off, before that point there can be issues. 
(Yes, his brain is split in two)
DAMMED - Chimo Outfits by 3712
DAMMED - Chimo Outfits
Some of these are obvious requests.
Others are Chimo's actual outfits. Majority WILL be, he only has the onesie for now. 

YEAH. THATS IT. Enjoy some Chimo chibis. 
DAMMED - Chimo by 3712
DAMMED - Chimo
Name:  Chimo
Height/Weight:  5'3 / 160cm , 100lbs/47kg
Gender:  Male
Element:  Earth
Partner:  N/A

+ Diligent
+ Brave
+ Creative
- Liar
- Asocial
- Negative
Abilities and Talents
General talent info:
+ Strong reflexes
+ Flexibility
+ Climbing (Walls included)
+ Quiet
+ Good sense of hearing and smell. (The hearing part is mostly related to vibration sensitivity.)
+ Can 'hear' via vibrations
+ Jaw can dislocate and relocate itself at will. (like a snake)
+ Stores water in his tail (it can pop off in emergencies, its gross and he hates it.)
- Can't swim
- Bad eyesight (Its unsure if glasses can adress the issue or his vision senter in his brain is just too small. )

Sticky feet: His feet and hands are like a lot of lizards and alike and can stick to walls or alike if they aren't entirely flat, a rugged surface is required.

Sand dweller: Chimo's species tends to rapidly bury themselves under sand to either hide or stalk prey, Chimo can do this too, and avoid leaving a ripple or alike in the sand when he moves under it.

Tomb: Will try to make the earth swallow their enemy or just use it to incapacitate them.

Chimo originates from Australia, North West of Western Australia, Great Sandy Desert.

Chimo was born smaller than average in his species, at only about 3.3meters/11foot long (Average is about 1/3 more). He's always been a bit on edge about it and its been a big thing in his life. Hunting prey all day and living in their underground caves has bored Chimo and frustrated him. He's decided there's more to life than this and wants to become better. He wants more in life than this, he wants to enjoy it.

- Chimo has an australian accent and will sport a mild accent, and his cursing is often creative.
- Is scared of water.
- Will act grumpy without reason
- Will say he doesn't like things he really does.
- His hair is actually a form of feathers, not actual hair.
- His ears are just holes on the sides of his head.
- His teeth are all sharp, and he has a long tongue.
- His favorite thing to do is to eat.

Basic species info:
Arensenti, Chimo's species are much like ants in the way they live, they have a queen and workers. Chimo was a not very important worker and does not consider his queen or fellow workers family. His species, arensenti are generally carnivores that hunt from beneath the sand, catching prey that come close. They live in an underground 'hive' of sorts and can dig into rather hard earth to make their tunnels as they wish. Due to this their claws and spikes are quite strong.

Why the character wants to join DAMMED:
He wants to become stronger! He wants to prove he's capable of being stronger than his others and he enjoys peace so he's willing to fight for it.

My finger blister is still not gone and all I can do is doodle like once a week ;-; I'm hoping the doctor will have a better solution for me my next appointment! I apologize for the lack of art. 
Chimo by 3712

I decided I’m actually going to post this now since I can't draw currently. 

Someone provided me with art to fill the spot where I put the sad Chimo but in the end I’m uncomfortable with someone else’s art being on my character sheets. Also I suppose this is kinda nsfw but its not like you can see any nsfw details besides a butt so I don’t think it matters. 

This is Chimo. He’s one of my most fav ocs. He lives in a desert world and he’s 21 years old. His species lives longer than usual and the spines on his back is valued as a resource sadly, he’s on the run pretty much constantly due to issues in his story. His life sucks balls. HIS TAIL CAN POP OFF, its funny to me. 



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I finally got my doctors appointment and it turns out its not eczema and in instead me overworking my hand and it reacting badly to it. 

I've been advised not to draw for a longer while :C Not even sketch. 

I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to put everything I have on hold for now. 

I'm gonna miss drawing. 

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