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W.A.S.P. - Timothy (Tio)
For :iconwe-are-still-people: 

Name: Timothy (Tio) Leitner
Age/DOB: 19 / 22 September (Virgo)
Height: 158cm/5'2
W.A.S.P nr: 47
Occupation: Civilian Squad

+ Smart
+ Helpful
+ Works hard in fields he's knowledgable in and keeps himself up to date.
= Nerd
= Loyal to a fault
- Sassy when comfortable
- Shy
- Insecure
- Easily depressed.

Ability Explanation: Voice Alteration.

The ability to alter his voice into either imagined versions or imitate other's voices.
Can also make a limited amount of other creative sounds.

This ability comes from altering his voice cords in ways a person would normally be unable to.

1. Needs to concentrate to manage it well enough to fool sensors.
2. Can only repeat what he has heard unless he's listened to atleast more than 10 sentences from a person.
3. Cold/Illness and/or a gasmask WILL affect his ability.

Background Story:
Tio grew up like most others, in a decent size family, the nerd of the family. His family tended to only bother him for three things; progress in school, help with electronics and if dinner is ready.

Then the whole mutant thing happened, the orb. It all seemed so surreal. Life went on, then the mutations.

It seemed like out of a story when one day Tio had his voice mess up during a DnD session with his friends, altering itself in absurd ways, freaking them out. Soon enough they screamed and ran out, they knew what this was; and Tio was alone in this.

He knew what was gonna happen next, rumours, abuse, betrayal. He went into shock for a few hours, his voice betraying him and not sounding like his own for a good while when he tried to talk, before finally, it calmed down..

Tio quit college, told his parents he was moving out and left to an area where no one knew him. He did jobs on the internet, barely surviving on his pay in a tiny flat. One day though, finally; the announcement. He felt so relieved, there was a place for him? Outside this tiny enclosed space that was his hiding place..? Its time to search for a way in.

- Loves to DM for DnD, and now knows how to use his ability for it.
- Is pretty decent at cooking, but prefers cup noodles and toast.

Been a while since I joined a group! Not so much into them anymore ;w;" but this one belongs to a close friend!
Hunter - 1st App art
Posting this since I'm updating his application~ 

Previous earnings for this sheet: 
Lineart - Chibi Full Body - 45 PP + Clean Colouring/shading - +30 PP
Lineart - Chibi Waist Up - 30 PP + Clean Colouring/shading - +30 PP
Lineart - Regular Headshot - 30 PP + Clean Colouring/shading - +30 PP
Lineart - Regular Waist Up - 40 PP + Clean Colouring/shading - +30 PP
Lineart - Regular Full Body - 55 PP + 30 (Clean color and shading.) 

Earnings: 350PP total.
Hunter - Daily Life Doodles
Some minor doodles


Sketches - Regular Headshot - 20 PP x 2
Sketches - Chibi Headshot - 10 PP
Sketches - Regular Waist Up -  30 PP
Sketches - Regular Full Body -  45 PP x 2

Earnings: 170 PP total.

Trinity McNagi
Sky AngeltheMerman 


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